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"Riel is amazing. His raw talent, eye for design and motion, positivity and a pursuant attitude make him an asset to any team that has the privilege of working with him. He's committed, constantly learning and teaching, and is genuinely a pleasure to work with!"

− Gabe Watkins, Creative Director at RED Interactive Agency

"Riel is an infinitely talented motion graphics artist. He has exciting, original ideas and can raise the quality level on any project he touches. I was really lucky to have him on my projects."

− Andrea Matzke, Producer at Genetic Entertainment, LLC

"Riel's talent for motion graphics is only exceeded by his enthusiasm for the craft, his desire to learn more, and a positive energy that spreads to everyone around him."

− Zach Glass, Director of Advertising at RED Interactive Agency

"Ever have one of those days at work where you’re convinced that management, your coworkers, the client, and the universe in general, are conspiring to flush your campaign down the sewer? If so, you want a guy like Riel on your team. "

− Ali Smith, Creative Producer

"Working with Riel was always a pleasure; his positive attitude, hard work, and teamsmanship made him an invaluable part of the HauteLook family."

− Kevin Diamond, Chief Technology Officer at HauteLook

"Riel is a multitalent powerhouse! A joy to work with."

− Nic Emiliani, Producer at Decipher Entertainment