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Rafael Varona’s talent just shows how far gifs can go. The Berlin-based artist and animator created all of these unbelievable works of art both for his personal portfolio and for other clients. “Impossible Bottles,”  imagines a beautiful, wondrous world stuffed inside miniature glass bottles. The ongoing series includes a dense, colorful jungle and a dark, foreboding lake. He’s also created a few smaller pieces that highlight the details, like the swimming woman in the above gallery. Unsurprisingly, Varona got the idea for the series from looking at actual ships in bottles, which at first glance appear to be impossible.

Outside of personal work like “Impossible Bottles,” he’s also done illustration and design work for clients ranging from Intel to The Washington Post to German eyewear firm Mykita. He’s been passionate about art since a young age, to the point that as a kid he would often fall asleep with a pen still in his hand. “When I found out about graphic design as a study, and that you can earn money with it, it saved my life,” says Varona. He cites British painter David Hockney and French comic artist Blexbolex as some of his biggest influences. You can see more of his work here.

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