While we were all still going through all the new updates from Adobe’s most recent CC release, Adobe has quietly announced its most recent feature, Mograph Templates.  No, we arent talking about the those premade loops you see on every youtube intro, but rather templates you can create, and save. They can be created in either After Effects (v14.2 or later) or Premiere and can be intergrated into both applications.

Motion Graphics templates are a new file type (.mogrt) that can be created in After Effects or Premiere Pro. The author of a Motion Graphics template in After Effects can make a whole range of properties available within the template, like the ability to make dynamic changes to text, color, size, layout, position, and even sound.

Sounds pretty amazing right? So how do you go about making one? There’s a tutorial for that here.


Adobe has been long over due for making this addition, so it’s great to see them connecting their applications in this way. As Adobe’s own Bronwyn Lewis writes,

“If you are familiar with Live Text templates, you can think of .mogrt as the evolution of that technology: We’ve added support for more adjustable parameters beyond a text field, so you can provide creative flexibility in Premiere Pro. You can think of a Motion Graphics template as a new kind of export format – it allows you to bundle up all of the complexity of an After Effects project, with all of its assets, pre-comps, expressions, and controls into a single file that is easy to use in Premiere Pro.”

Seems extremely promising, lets hope they continue to connect applications in this way. Here’s to effiency! For more free tutorials, visit aetipsandtricks.com

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